Thursday, December 19, 2013

Product review: Angry Birds GO! Pig Rock Raceway Set

Both my boys are Angry Birds crazy. Well, truth being told...the whole family is Angry Birds crazy! My oldest marks the calendar to remind himself that a new game is coming out. He's a get-through-it-fast kind of player and I'm a get-all-3-stars-before-you-move-on player. We have every app and several of the play at home sets.

So of course, we had to get Angry Birds GO! as soon as it was available. Angry Birds GO! is kart racing action on the iPad. My son absolutely loves the game and is begging me for the in-app purchases.

The game is pretty simple: it's racing on Piggy Island. There are twists and turns and hazards, roadblocks, special powers and just everything you can expect from a racing game. Of course, you can also upgrade your car as you play...

The big draw for my kiddo is that he can play as either a bird or pig. There are TelePods available which allow you to insert favorite characters into the game and use them. It's fairly simple to use them.

A related product is a play at home version of the racing. Angry Birds GO! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway set is just one add-on set where you can get both a bird (Red) and an exclusive pig (King Pig) to teleport into your game.

The game itself is retail priced at $29.99 and is available now for ages 5+. I must say though that my 4 year old loves it too and has no trouble putting it together or playing with it.

The track itself is easy to set up and the head-to-head aspect of the racing was the most fun for the boys. The older one thought that the red bird went faster. That's not verified in any way beyond a 7 year old's excitement!

 They had more fun racing against each other, but have both continued to play with it by themselves just fine too. (Sorry about the blurry photo...they wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture!)

I received a play set in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation has been received. All opinions are from myself and my two sons.