Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kroger Deals 8/19-8/25

Here are some of the great deals you can get at Kroger this week. This is based on the ad from north Texas region. I'm going to give you deals you can make if you have no paper coupons clipped from the newspapers (and why not...get to it!). You will need your printer ready and you will need to have your Kroger card ready.

First, register your Kroger card at Cellfire. These e-coupons will combine with paper coupons!

Next, register your Kroger card at Shortcuts. Same as Cellfire, these will combine with paper coupons. Some coupons are the same!

While you're at it, register your Kroger card with Proctor and Gamble E Saver. These e-coupons will combine as well!

See where I'm going here...

This week, Kroger is having a MEGA SALE! When you buy 10 participating items, you automatically get $5 off your grocery bill! Keep a count, you don't want to get to the register and be one or two short!

The prices shown below include the discount, which assumes you have your 10 items. There is not a limit to the savings this week!

SoBe Life Water (OS $0.49) Print coupon from here for Buy One, Get One FREE!. You can print this two times! Total cost each for 4: $0.25 each

Propel is also on sale for $0.49, but no coupons seem to be available. I'm using this to fill in my items when it's below the 10 mark.

Quaker Quakes: $0.49 each. Again, no coupon available, but good low price for filler.

Hamburger Helper
: (OS $0.89) Print coupon from here for $0.75 off 3. Also one here for $0.75 off 3. Combine with e-coupons from Cellfire and Shortcuts which have the same value. Price each for 6, using two paper coupons and 2 e-coupons: $0.39 each!

Pillsbury Grands: (OS $0.99) Use a paper coupon from here valued at $1 off 2 OR one from here with the same value. Combine one of these with a Shortcuts coupon for $1/2. Cost each: ZERO!

Pillsbury Crescents: (OS $0.99) Print from or Coupons valued at $0.50 off 2 (these double). E-coupon available at shortcuts for $0.50 off 2. Total cost each: $0.24 each!

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (OS $0.99). Coupons in same places! Values are $0.40/2. The paper coupon will double. Total Cost: $0.39 each!

Old El Paso Taco Shells: (OS $0.99) Paper coupon from Betty Crocker (you'll have to register) for $0.60/2 and combine with for $0.60/2. Total cost: $0.39 each!

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt: (OS $1.99) (recommend the Key Lime...) Use a paper coupon from Betty Crocker for $1/1 and a Shortcuts or Cellfire for $1/1 and it's FREE!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: (OS $1.49). Use paper coupon from Betty Crocker or Smartsource combined with ecoupons available at both Cellfire and Shortcuts all valued at $0.40/1 (paper doubles). Total Cost each: $0.29!

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
: (OS $1.49) Coupons in same places...valued at $0.75/2. Total cost (WYB2): $0.74 each!

This is just a short list to get you started. Check out the ad here and see what all is on sale, then go to print and load to your heart's content!

Let me know what great deals you get!

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