Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Savings Round Up!

First, here is a picture of what I received in the mail from last Saturday until yesterday.

I received one $10/$10 purchase at JC Penney coupon, one FREE candy bar from M&M/Mars, one sample of a panty liner (for the purse ladies!) and one pair of GoodNights underpants.

Today, I bought all this at CVS for $0.92.

I bought two Colgate toothpastes, two Colgate toothbrushes, one bag of Baked Lays, 2 Snickers and one Chewy Sweetarts.

Here's the breakdown:
Baked Lays (Reg. $3.79) On Sale for $3, Coupon for $1/1 (Should have had a store and manufacturer coupon, but the girl at the register wouldn't do it...oh well, have another coupon for later) Total Cost: $2

Colgate Toothpaste (Reg. $4.39) On Sale for 2/$7, bought 2
Colgate Toothbrush (Reg. $3.49 - cheapest on shelf), bought 2
Had 2 coupons for $3 off when purchase paste and brush.
Total for all 4 Colgate items: $7.98 (Or full price for brushes and $0.50 for each paste.)

Snickers (Reg. $1.59) On Sale $1, bought 2
Sweetarts (Reg. $.89)

Used $11.99 in Extra Bucks. The candy was bought because the cashier scanned one $2EB two times and my total came out in the negative. I had to purchase something to make up the cost.

Total Spent: $.92
Total Saved: $22.74 (96.11%)

Received: $2EB, $3/$15 purchase, and $3/$15 FSA Eligible purchase. So in reality, I was paid $7.08 to shop at CVS today.

Today I bought all this at Walgreens for $32.83:

I bought, 2 Bertolli Bakes, 2 Chips Ahoy, 2 Easy Mac cups, 4 Sugar Free Jello, 1 Kotex, 2 Ragu sauces, 2 Skippy peanut butters, 1 Seabreeze, 1 Listerine, 1 Jack Links bag, and 1 Pampers Wipes.

Here's a breakdown (Walgreens receipt doesn't show regular price so I'm not sure what the starting price was on some items):
Bertolli Bakes: On sale $5.99, two coupons for $1/1, total cost $4.99 each

Chips Ahoy: On sale 2/$9, Store coupon for $1/1 (took $1 off each pack), Coupon for $0.75/2. Total cost: $3.13 each

Easy Mac cups: On Sale for $1, BOGO coupon, Total Cost: $0.50 each

Jello: (Reg. $1.19), store coupon for 2/$1 (took off two times since bought 4), 2 coupons for $0.50/2, Total Cost: $0.25 each

Kotex: (Reg. $6.99), Store coupon for $1/1 and manuf. coupon for $1/1, Total Cost: $4.99

Ragu: On Sale $2.00, coupon for $1/2, Total Cost: $1.50 Each

Skippy: On Sale $2.00, coupon for $0.60/2, Total Cost: $1.70 each

Seabreeze: On Sale $3.49, Store coupon for $1/1, manuf. coupon for $1/1, Total Cost: $1.49

Listerine: On Sale: $3.99, Store coupon for $1/1, manuf. coupon for $.50/1, Total Cost: $2.49, also has a smaller bottle at no cost!

Jack Links: (Reg. $4.99) Coupon for Free Bag, Total Cost: $0.00!

Pampers Wipes: (Messed up here...) (Reg. $2.99), coupon for $0.50/1 HUGGIES WIPES, couldn't use the store coupon for Huggies wipes...hmmm...wonder why??? It did take the manuf. coupon though...Total Cost: $2.49

Used Register Rewards of $5

Total Spent: $32.83
Total Saved: $36.02 (52.32%)

Received $7 register Rewards for next time

Some of you have asked if I buy things I don't need. No, I don't. Everything purchased will be used. Well, the candy wasn't needed, but I had to make up for her error...and baby likes it!

Jim uses Seabreeze and Listerine daily. We needed new toothbrushes because we've been sick. And because we do brush our teeth a few times a day we needed the paste. I'm pregnant so the baby wipes will be used soon. I won't always be pregnant, so the Kotex will be used soon too. Bertolli meals were a bit of a splurge, but they're my back up meals for days I just don't want to cook. All the snack stuff is for Ryan. Jack Links were only bought because they were free. If we don't like them, no loss there. And I will get 2 meals out of each jar of sauce.

Also saved today on cat food! Signed up The Poo for Science Diet's 3 bag challenge which gives 3 $5 off coupons over the challenge. (He eats SD because he's overweight and has digestive issues, he doesn't yack this back up.) So, today at Tractor Suppply Jim bought one bag (Reg. $13.99) and paid $10.14, for a savings of 33.02%! The challenge is on the Science Diet website and works for cats and dogs...

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Amy said...

Whoops...should have looked at the preview for the Walgreens ad for next week. Chips Ahoy will be 2/$5....big bummer...