Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Saturday Shopping!

Thanks to A Frugal Friend we know about this!

If you live in North Texas (and maybe other parts of the country too), get ready for a Saturday grocery trip to Kroger like none other.



One day only - Saturday, August 15th

Kroger will double mfgr coupons valued between 40 cents and $1.00 - coupons greater than $1.00 will be redeemed at face value. Valid with your Kroger card. No cash back. Mfgr coupons issued in store do not apply (I'm assuming this refers to our catalinas).

LIMIT 1 like item per transaction (just go back in later)

This is huge. I know many are used to double coupons up to $1.00, but not here in Texas. This means tons of potential deals and freebies (limited only by your coupons) especially when we throw E-coupons into the mix.

What to do?

1. Look through your coupon stash - pull out anything $0.55 cents or higher (nothing over $1 though)

2. Print out high value coupons online (hurry as many will be doing this):
Red Plum coupons
Smart Source coupons - for example, there's a $0.75 cent coupon off Wacky Mac pasta - that'll double to $1.50 off (I think current price is already under $1.50 at my Kroger)
Betty Crocker coupons

3. Load up ALL E-coupons available:
Cellfire E-Coupons
Shortcuts E-Coupons
P&G eSavers E-coupons

4. Look at your Kroger weekly ad (our new ad begins today, Wed)
You'll notice that there are huge deals to be made with the Kellogg's/Keebler coupons in the recent insert, along with the Pillsbury ($1 sale continuing) coupons available online.

5. Email your friends - everyone can use a deal these days. Email them the link to A Frugal Friend so they can check out all the coupon resources!

NEW: Coupons for $1/2 and the like WILL NOT double and Kroger will not allow overages the Saturday. If the item is $1.59 and you have a $1 coupon, it will only take off $1.59. Possible exceptions will be the ecoupons you can add to your card. Not sure if those are doubling and allowing overages.

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