Friday, September 11, 2009

My $1.53 CVS trip

Yep...$1.53! Here's what I got: 1 gallon milk, 2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, 1 bag Tostitos, 2 CVS brand pretzels, 1 Pampers wipes.

Here's how I did it!
Tostitos: (Reg. $3.99) OS $2.99
Mixers: (Reg. $3.99 each) OS 2/$5
Pretzels: Reg. $.79 each
Wipes: Reg. $3.49
Milk: Reg. $2.69

CVS Coupon for $1/2 CVS Brand pretzels/nuts/crackers
$2/1 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers (used 2)
CVS Coupon for $2/1 Huggies wipes (computer didn't see difference in brand...neither did I when I picked it up!)
CVS Coupon for $3/$15 purchase
CVS Extra Bucks for $4
Extra Pharmacare discount: $0.32 (This is for employees where my husband works)

Total Out of Pocket: $1.53
Didn't get any EB back, which is always my goal, but we have snacks on hand now!

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