Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Wags Coupon Book

There is supposed to be a new coupon book available at Walgreens this week. The title is ABC'S. These are some of the coupons in it:
All are manufacturer's coupons and exp 060110...
$1 off benadryl allergy
$1 off benadryl cream, gel or spray product
$1 off children's benadryl
$2 off children's zyrtec
$2 off any sudafed
$1 off tylenol cold or sinus product
$2 off any visine
$2 off zyrtec 12 ct or larger or itchy eye drops

Hope you can find it. The Wags here in town likes to hide coupon books. I walked all over the store and cannot find this one OR the Fall Healthy Savings Book OR the Diabetes and You free magazine with coupons. The "helpers" in the store pretend not to know anything about them...

Oh, FYI, the Kid's activity books are in the clearance area...these coupons don't expire until next summer...

UPDATE: The Fall Healthy Savings coupons are in the pharmacy area, on the table in the corner. I really had to search for these in S'ville. Still can't find the ABCS...

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