Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Testing, Testing

Wow! You're going to be amazed at my Sunday Mail Round up! I'm having to find a bigger box!

Today I received a FREE 26 ct. package of Huggies Pull Ups to test for MySurvey.com and then fill out a survey in a few days. Just in time too! We were down to needing to go to the store!

If you want to be part of MySurvey, leave a comment with your email address (I moderate all comments, so I won't post those...) and I'll send you an invite. You don't have be invited, but I do make 150 points from each friend who signs up. I'd appreciate that a lot!

Over the past year of working with (for?) them I have reviewed diapers and a few household items. I get survey invites about every other day and have cashed out between 5 and 10 times for $10 checks (at 1000 points). You can also redeem points for gifts, but I always take the cash. They also do monthly drawings where you win cash! (I've won once for $5.)

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