Monday, October 19, 2009

Mailbox Round Up

Here's what came to me in the mail last week:

Magazines (free):
Golf Digest

Poise, 3 pc. samples of liners
Curel Lotion
Astroglide (hey, I sign up for all free samples!)
Kotex sample pack (3 liners, 2 tampons)

Full Size Products:
Wet Ones canister and 4 (only 3 shown) travel packs, from SheSpeaks (will be giving away the travel packs at church Wed. with a coupon!)

$2 off Poise, with samples
$1, $1 off Kotex, makes for free packs at Wal Mart!
$1 Curel
5 $1 off Wet Ones, most will be given away
2 $3 off Kashi and 4 $1.50 off Kashi, from Vocal Point mailer

Potty Prints from Huggies
$10 check from MySurvey

How did you do?

Proud to be part of A Frugal Friend's Mailbox Monday!


tds said...

Don't apologize for your freebies--they are all great! I love learning about all the different survey and WOM companies people join on Mailbox Monday. Happy Monday!

mellisarock said...

I have been with shespeaks for a while and this is the first time that I have seen someone getting something!! Those are awesome full size freebies!! Looks like you had a great week.

Have a great week and Happy Mailbox Monday!!

A Frugal Friend said...

What a great SHeSpeaks campaign! I just got an email from them....I'll have to go back and open them. :-)

Thanks for joining in Mailbox Monday....I had to skip this week since I was busy hugging Elmo! :-)