Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazon Deals

Don't forget to go here to see the Amazon Lightning deals for today.

I just got I Am Legend and Elf for $5.99 total, no shipping (Amazon Prime trial offer!). Actually for $0 since I have Amazon credit from Swagbucks!

I will be able to sell I Am Legend at my local used video store for far more than the $2 I paid for it!

Wall-E is also on sale right now. The movies change throughout the day. Here's a run-down of the schedule.

8am-12pm PST
I Am Legend $2
Wall-E $4.99
Elf $3.99

12pm-4pm PST
Jungle Book $9.99
PS I Love You $5.99
Spaceballs $2

4pm-8pm PST
Young Frankenstein $2
Smallville: 1st Season $9.99
Smallville: 2nd Season $9.99

There will be more Smallville seasons on sale today.

8pm-12pm PST
X-Men 1.5 $5
X2: X-Men United $5
X-Men: The Last Stand $5

Check back in the morning to see tomorrow's deals!

Go here to see all the deals, not just the DVD/Blu-Ray deals! There are great video game, toy and household deals I've been missing! Leapfrog Zippity is going to be on sale soon today!

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