Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Review: The Sacred Meal

The Sacred Meal, The Ancient Practices Series
By Nora Gallagher

The Sacred Meal is presented as a book which “explores the beauty and mystery of this most fascinating of topics” [the Lord’s Supper]. The author seems to believe that the tradition is more about connecting us to each other, than connecting us to God.

I was very excited about getting to read and review this book. I checked the mailbox with expectation daily and was so happy when it came in that I immediately sat down and started reading. The introduction had me excited! However, now that I’m done reading it, I honestly feel this book wasted my time. Moreover, I’m concerned about the views she has presented.

There is a lot of political and social commentary, which I can’t see as fitting the focus of the book. I think it’s a shame that she waited until near the end of the book to even present the history of the Lord’s Supper. Some of the stories she tells have no logical connection to the Lord’s Supper.

She presents that everyone should take the Lord’s Supper, but I personally believe that only those who have accepted the gift of salvation should take it. Otherwise, what meaning does it have?

She presents that the Lord’s Supper is just another meal to be taken as a community. That there is “magic” in the practice. The practice of the Lord’s Supper is not to remind us of many meals which Jesus tells us about in Scripture, but to remind us of the supreme sacrifice He made for us and the significance of the practice is lost without that realization.

I’m having a hard time recommending this book. I wanted to like it.

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Thankfully Thrifty said...

Hey Amy! I was wondering about this book too. Thanks for reviewing it. Do you think non-believers should take communion? I was just confused by your last two points - if those were her only two points you agreed with or if those were points you disagreed with. Either way, thanks for reviewing this! It's a hard topic for sure.

Amy said...

I do not think non-believers should take communion. It doesn't have any meaning to them.

I heartily disagree with a lot that she says, I just didn't want the review to get too long!

Thankfully Thrifty said...

Gotcha. Ok I definitely agree with you. I was confused on what view you took. I try to research the authors before requesting their books.. I did just request the counseling book on there by meier and Henderson. I'm getting my masters in counseling at Dallas seminary and Henderson is a prof there! :)