Monday, January 11, 2010

Mail Box Round Up

Here's what came in the mail last week:
Magazines (all free):
Wine Spectator (has beautiful photos!)
Family Homeschooling
Voices of the Martyrs
Golf Digest
Town & Country
Twon & Country Weddings
Business Week

Republic of Tea
7th Generation Dish soap and dryer sheets

Kroger My Magazine (finally getting this!!! Yahoo!!)
Nestle Good Start formula checks

Other stuff:
Litter Robot! - giveaway win
$20 Shutterfly gift card (came with our hospital photos!)

How did you do?


Money Saving Maine-iac said...

The litter robot sounds cool! We have 3 cats so you'll have to tell us how it works.

Have a great week,

Maria Lopez said...

wow great giveaway win! I hope to get the 7th generation sample. Never tried their products before. Happy Monday!

Thankfully Thrifty said...

Good luck with that cat gadget! Haha. Look fancy! Also we support VOM too! They do such great work.

Thankfully Thrifty said...

Shoot I meant VOM. :)

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Yeah...I'm so glad you finally got the My Magazine from'll just love ALL the extra coupons you'll get each month!

Enjoy and Happy Mailbox Monday!

P.S. I just announced my new blog URL on twitter (so much to do yet):

Katie said...

I'd like the wine magazine. I enjoy wine, but don't know a lot about it.

I don't have a Kroger, but my mom does. I'm always jealous of the great deals I see for that store. I'll have to tell her about the magazine if she doesn't know already!

Anonymous said...

Way to go. what a nice week you had.

Happy Mom Of 5

mellisarock said...

What a great haul for you this week!! I am love winning blog giveaways!! Have you checked out yet?

Happy Mailbox Monday!

Leandrea said...

We love our Litter Robot! Three plus years going strong.