Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Menu Monday

Here's what we're eating this week. Most of it's from the pantry:

Monday - Casserole (was supposed to be Sunday, but we had some leftovers we ate instead) - only needed to buy 1 lb. beef.

Tuesday - Leftovers from casserole

Wednesday - Random Mexican Meal - I'm going to mix Mac & Cheese, Rotel, black beans, chicken and corn. Hope it's good. Everything is in pantry and I have two bags of frozen chicken to use.

Thursday - Parmesan Chicken with spaghetti and green beans - nothing to buy

Friday - Taquito Enchiladas with refried beans and Mexican rice. (El Monterey taquitos on sale at Kroger for BOGO and had coupons! Everything else already in pantry.)

Saturday - Salads - need to buy lettuce and tomatoes

Sunday - not sure yet...

Forgot to tell you...went to Kroger Saturday and only spent $96 (including two pack of pull ups and one can of formula) while saving almost $70. Bought up a lot of things for the pantry (rice, potatoes, quick fix things) to make it longer through the month and am well below my grocery goal of $200 (including pull-ups) for the month.

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mellisarock said...

That's great that you are shopping your pantry before going to the store...nothing worse than buying something only to find out that you had it at home.

We had random taco salads last night...same ingredients...corn, black beans and ground turkey...it was pretty good.