Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 month check up

Okay, I told you before that I was saving all my survey money which comes in cash for birthdays and Christmas. So, how am I doing? So far this year I have $40 in cash, a $10 CVS card, a $10 Wal Mart Card and a $20 Target card in the Christmas fund. I also have two $10 Chili's cards, which will be used as gifts for someone... Oh, and I cashed out recently (and am just waiting for the checks) two at $10 and one at $26 and another at $44!

I also told you that I'm saving my Amazon credits for this stroller. Graco Vie4 Stroller, Betsey(Well, the blue and brown version, not the pink one...) So, that's going well too. I'm just under $64 saved up towards it! And I have a $10 credit which I'm waiting for the code to come in!

So, how am I doing all this???

MySurvey (I'll have to email you a link)
Opinion Outpost
Reward Port Surveys
Synovate/Global Opinion Panels

Daily Survey Panel
InBox Dollars (banner on right hand side)

MyPoints(I can email you a link)
Reward Port (not the same as the survey site, I'll have to email an invite)

And to be perfectly honest, I've really backed off the surveys the past few weeks. I should have more saved up!


Sarah said...

Is Mindfield legit? I signed up for it and I've been getting a ton of surveys the last couple of days, but it seems like they ask a TON of questions..and the surveys say they take like 30 minues, is it worth it?

Marla said...

So you are actually getting something outta these sites? I am signed up for all of them, but is seems that I get nothing out of them. I have been doing Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings since August and I still don't have even half of the amount needed to cash out. It's frustrating.
Which sites are the best for actual payout?

Mellisa Rock said...

WOW -- you are raking it in! I did survey head last year and was only able to cash in for one $25 amazon card...took me forever...maybe I should set aside a little bit of time each day!!