Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Good Grief!

I was just checking out 1SaleaDay and this is the deal of the day:


Comprised of the Ultimate Ernest and Maximum Ernest DVD sets, this collection showcases the finest stints of Ernest P. Worrell. If you’ve forgotten how much fun his character is – these DVDs will quickly remind you by revisiting his old commercials, TV shows, and movies. Want to laugh even harder? There’s bonus outtakes and behind the scenes footage included!

Follow Ernest in all his troublesome travails. From Africa to the army to hilarious 80’s commercials, this collection is unbeatable. Know whut I mean?

Set Includes:
Ernest Goes to Africa
Ernest’s Greatest Hits I
Ernest’s Greatest Hits II
Ernest in the Army
Hey Vern! It’s My Family Album
Your World As I See It
Wow! For free!!! Good grief! Would make a good gag gift at Christmas though...hmmm....

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