Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review: Rick and Bubba's Big Honkin Book of Grub

Rick and Bubba's Big Honkin' Book of Grub
I picked this to review simply because the name made me laugh. I had no idea who Rick and Bubba are or why I should read their book. I just liked the title!

Oh my...this book made me laugh so hard I cried. Literally. And snorted. I kept running to my husband saying “you gotta hear this”...until he reminded me that he was going to read it too and didn’t want it spoiled for him.

Literally every page is filled with humor and a sweetness of spirit that makes this a unique read. Best quote ever: “The goal of our diet isn’t to get you to be skinny. Our goal is to get you to a level of fat that you can tolerate.”

You gotta read this. More than once. Share it with your friends.

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