Monday, March 22, 2010

New Things in the Full Box!

Here are the things I've added to the Full Box Giveaway! Go HERE to comment for your entries! Sorry, I don't have a picture, I added them to the box without remembering to do it!

Axe shower gel sample
Lots more coupons (just a quick note - some coupons will be expired when you get the box, but they're on sheets with coupons that will not be. I just don't have time to clip out all the ones which will be.)
Several more magazines
Atkins Carb Counter book
Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap (another quick note - everything liquid will be in zip top bags so hopefully there isn't spillage)

I hope to get to add more, but the box is really full and heavy already and I haven't been shopping to get freebies in a while.

Giveaway will still end March 31st. Keep entering and tell everyone about it!

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