Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Train Day!

Since I'm sure most of you do not have a son like mine who is obsessed with trains you may not know that today is National Train Day.

My son has been talking about it all week. And wouldn't you know his train bathroom decorations came in! I was allowed to pick an item from CSN Stores to review and after days of agonizing over what to pick from their over 200 stores (that's just stores people, not items...) I started thinking about what we needed in our house.  The boys' bathroom was the first thing that came to mind. We had a little babyish rubber ducky curtain, which was ripped thanks to a falling child grabbing it, and the bath mat that belongs in our bathroom (where we've been using a towel until we got our rug back).

I'd gotten my hands on an Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks shower curtain and was waiting to find the right items to go with it.

So I found this:
This train rug is perfect. The colors are bright and the pile is really plush. It's kinda cool how the smokestack kinda fits around the commode too! I cannot wait to see his face when he gets back in about an hour! This will be such a great surprise for National Train Day! Note: this was not sold as a bath mat, but just as a rug. I'm choosing to use it in the bathroom.

Doesn't it look great all put together:
All I need to finish it out are towels and a few things to jazz up the walls.

Just a quick word about CSN Stores: Like I said before, my head was spinning with the choices. They really have everything you need for your house, indoors and out. The registration and purchasing process was really very easy and the item shipped faster than I was expecting it. I am very pleased with my experience there and highly recommend you check it out next time you have housewares to purchase.

UPDATE: He loves it! He walked in and said "Wow, that's new. It's beautiful. Thank you momma, I love it!"

I was provided with a credit towards a purchase at CSN stores in exchange for a review of a product and the site. I was not required to write a positive review and no additional compensation has been received.

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