Thursday, June 10, 2010

My new love...

I'm totally in love with my new Sodastream. I've been wanting one since I started seeing them on blogs a few months ago. So, I saved and saved my Amazon credits and just before I had enough to buy one, I get to review one!!!!

This is seriously, without-a-doubt the coolest thing I've ever owned! How cool is it to have an appliance which comes with an operating license???

I received a Fountain Jet and a box of flavors:

The first attempt (Diet Lemon Lime) was immediately thrown out. I did not even remotely get the carbonation right and it tasted like just syrup. So, we tried again (Root Beer) and the second attempt was far better. It did take a few more tries to get consistently good at making the mix, but we've really enjoyed it and have learned how to get consistent results! Even my husband is excited about it!

As far as the flavors, I have no complaints about any of them. They have all been great (I have not tested the Energy or the Cola yet) and our special favorites are the Root Beer and Diet Cream Soda. One thing we really like is that even the "regular" flavors are low in sugar. That means the kiddo can have root beer with us (which he loves!)

We have found that using very cold bottled water makes for a soda without any aftertaste. Our water out here in the country was imparting a flavor that didn't always make it taste good...

It's really simple to use and literally takes 30 seconds to make a fresh bottle of soda. And the cool thing for me is that I didn't have to lug bottles or cans home from the store! I don't have a lot of cans in the trash! I don't have wasted soda from forgetting a big bottle in the fridge! (We've actually argued about who got to have the last of a bottle yesterday...then remembered...oh yeah...make more...!)

You absolutely have to check out the Sodastream. I'm on my way to order more carbonator units and more flavors.

I was provided with a fountain jet and syrups from the company. No additional compensation has been provided and I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you to the company for letting me test their product and tell my readers about it.


crystaldbecker said...

we were wondering if the SodaStream is cost effective! I was showing it to some of the guys I work with and we wanted to know if you had a cost comparison on that vs soda?

Becker Family Blog said...

I was showing your sodastream to some of the guys at work. We were curious if you had done a cost comparison for the unit and CO2 tanks vs just buying soda?

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