Friday, June 4, 2010

Some great deals for you!

Sorry to put this all in one post, I'm trying to get a little done before I have to get back to work on the never-ending pile of boxes to unpack!

HERE is the coupon preview for the weekend. Good week for multiple papers!

Click HERE to go to Mercury Magazines. Enter your information and you can choose up to 3 free magazines. A lot of them are business and industry related, but once you're registered with them, you can receive invitations for national magazines. No credit card is necessary. No bill will come. (They truly are free. Remember, magazines make their money from advertising, not subscribers. The more subscribers, paid or not, the more they can charge for ads!) US Residents only.

Sign up with York Photo and receive 40 Free Prints and super low prices every day like .04 a print!

BuyWithMe brings users handpicked, limited-time offers from the best restaurants, spas, retailers, services, activities, event sponsors, to other cool stuff to do in their area. Thanks to collective negotiating power these deals are opportunities to save 50% to 90%, but will only happen if enough people purchase the deal fast enough. 

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