Monday, July 26, 2010

My boy is a train!

"Mommy, I want to be a train."
"Well, honey, you can be a train engineer or conductor."
"No, mommy, I want to be a train."
"Well, good luck with that."

My 3 year old is obsessed with trains. Everything is about trains. He even runs his fork along the edge of the table making train sounds. French fries, crackers, duplos, pens...anything can become a train in his mind. We have watched countless hours of Chuggington and Thomas and Friends. We have bought scenic videos of train rides. We have train toys, train clothes, a train bathroom, train books, train stickers. If I push the baby's highchair over the carpet, the tracks become "train tracks" within seconds!

But I had no idea how to make him into a train.

Well, I thought, if nothing else, maybe I can start looking at boy's Halloween costumes and see what I can find. I looked and looked...and found...

a train! I can make my son into a train! You have no idea how happy this little boy was to get this costume! I found it on Costume Super Center. They have an amazing assortment of costumes for all ages (yep, adults too) and lots of cool accessories too. While their costumes are not expensive, they are not by any means cheap costumes. The product shipped really fast and arrived in perfect condition.

He literally did not want to take this off. He wore it all day, even to meals and snacks:

I mean, how cute is that! I'm so thrilled that he's a train now. He walks around going "chug chug chug" when he's wearing it. He loves that he can use the really big pocket in the front for carrying "real trains", which are really stacked duplos.

You need to check out the costumes they have. There are so many categories! Just for little boys, they have Disney characters, kinda scary looking zombies, military and super heroes! They will be my "go-to" for costumes. Maybe next year he'll be into super heroes. I think he'd look really cute in the Muscle Chest Batman costume. He's so skinny, the fake muscles might give him some bulk!

Disclaimer: I received the costume to review from Costume Super Center. I was not required to write a positive review and no additional compensation has been received. All opinions are 100% truthful and are my own experiences with the costume. 

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Rebecca Camarena said...

My uncle grew up loving trains and his love affair with trains stayed to adulthood and rooms in his house were all set up with train displays, and tracks going through scenic mountain areas. Really spectacular stuff. The history of the train is exciting and that they were one of the key means of transportation that settled the west.