Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review: Acts 29

Acts 29: The Mission Continues . . . A Course in Sharing Your Faith
Acts 29, The Mission Continues
A Course in Sharing Your Faith
By Chris Kovac
Publisher: NavPress, 2009
English, 168 pages

Book Description:
More than 90 percent of churchgoers today don’t feel equipped in evangelism. Are you one of them?

Acts 29 is a workbook that teaches you how to effectively communicate the gospel. With a topical Bible study, memorization tools, and discussion questions, it removes intimidation and awkwardness, allowing you to reach out while respecting others.

A great leader's resource, Acts 29 will equip you to share the gospel.

From the Back Cover:
The story of Acts hasn’t ended. It’s a book about evangelism, but more than 90 percent of churchgoers don’t feel prepared to share their faith. Are you one of them?

God has chosen you to write the remaining chapters of Acts with the words and actions of your life. Designed to help you share the good news of Jesus Christ in natural yet proven ways, Acts 29 is a workbook that includes memorization tools, practical exercises, and discussion and accountability guidelines.

Remain true to your own character while showing respect to those around you. Use Acts 29 alone or with a small group.

My Review:
You've seen me tell you before that I am a pastor's wife. I was most interested in this book because our church has just finished a course called Your Church Experiencing God Together and we've been searching for what the next steps are for our fellowship. That was my motivation for picking this particular title. I wanted to look over material that could potentially be part of our church studies.

The workbook is set up into 11 sessions, which are based on the metaphor of the harvest. My favorite part about this is the accountability which is built into the sessions. When you're meeting in your groups, you'll have a partner who will sign off on your Scripture memorization. You'll have activities and assignments to complete which are designed to get you down the road toward knowing how to reach a non-believer and how to help a new believer through the process of becoming a Disciple.

This study is really easy to read and really won't take more than 20-30 minutes per day (depending on you). Each session chapter is set into 5 daily studies, which should help you develop a daily prayer and study time.

So, is our church going to use this study? Well, maybe. My husband is reading through it right now and we may look at it for the fall. But all in all, even if we don't use it as a corporate body, I'll be working through it (as more than just reading for a review) personally.
A copy of the book was provided to me from NavPress. No other compensation has been received and I was not required to write a positive review.

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