Thursday, August 26, 2010

Product Review: Jarritos!

I'm a soda junkie. I've been really spoiling myself with the Sodastream, but kinda getting bored with the same flavors. I want a "treat" every once in a while. I was thrilled, therefore, to get to test Jarritos. I've seen them on the shelves and once had a roommate who loved them, but I've never bought them myself. I'm the type that is scared to buy something (or order something) different because I'd feel bad if I wasted money on something I didn't like.

Anyway, my pack of 11 bottles came and I started testing them. I kept it to one a day because they are not sugar free and well, the waist can't handle a lot of sugar.

So, here's what I think about the flavors:

Guava - really good. Has a kind of spice note to it that was really good. My son and husband liked it too. (I love that they call it "a liquid tropical vacation ready to drink")

Lime - made with 100% natural lime flavor, this was our 2nd favorite. It was really crisp and refreshing.

Toronja - tart grapefruit flavor, not unlike a Fresca. Not overpowering with the flavor though.

Tamarind - didn't like it at all. None of us.

Pineapple - this reminded me of my favorite thing in the whole world: a pineapple shaved ice. I think I called it "summer in a bottle"

Mango - not too sweet, very refreshing, my son loved it!

Strawberry - again, not too sweet, tasted very "real"

Jamaica - I cannot figure out what the flavor of this reminds me of. It's sweet and very complex. (Just looked and it's hibiscus flavor.) We didn't finish this one. It wasn't a hit.

Fruit Punch - the kiddo loved it, a little too sweet for me

Mandarin - top flavor in our house. Just like biting into an orange, well if an orange was carbonated.

Lemon/Lime - just like a lemon/lime soda I grew up with.

So, which ones would I purchase again? That's easy...pineapple, mango, mandarin, lime, toronja and strawberry.

One thing that I discovered is that they tasted better if they weren't super cold. They also held their carbonation very well. I left them opened on the counter for one hour and went back to test and they were still just as fizzy! My only complaint was that the bottle top was very hard to get off. I spilled several of them trying to get it removed.

Oh, and please make a sugar free soda...that would be wonderful!

I received a box with 11 bottles from the company for review purposes. No additional compensation has been provided and I was not required to write a positive review.

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