Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Product Review: Gripsterz

GRIPSTERZ - Stay Along
Where did he go now? I'm so tired of having to ask that when shopping with a baby in the carrier and a toddler trying to walk beside the basket. The people in Wal Mart must think I can't handle my kids! I'm always chasing the 4 year old and leaving the baby or running into people with the cart trying to catch the kid so I don't have to leave the baby. My husband won't let me get a "leash" for him because he thinks they're cruel and humiliating. I think it would be just fine...but...

Anyway, I was able to test a Gripsterz Stay Along. And I'm pretty happy with the results.

Gripsterz from ViveVita is a great new product that combines cool fun for little ones with a great function for moms and dads. Gripsterz eases the fears of being out and about with your little one.
When adults and kids are out and about touring the town together, Gripsterz keeps those little wanderers close by. With their new best buddy – Grippy, kids are free to explore and enjoy their world – and their buddy always keeps them close to Mom or Dad.

Gripsterz kit includes: one irresistible Grippy monkey ring with attaching clip, two vine straps (1 ft & 2 ft) with an attaching clip, an adult handle, a convenient storage bag and a Grippy book for kids.
Interchangeable pieces allow for a variety of adventure needs.

Can be clipped to a stroller, belt hoop, shopping cart, luggage, purse, and many other portable devices.

Made of nontoxic materials.

We tested the Stay Along on morning shopping trips (when the store isn't nearly as busy and of course, I didn't take pictures...that would have slowed my trip down...sorry) and the first time we used it, I attached it to the cart on one end and used the velcro wrist strap on my son. It worked well and my son was right next to me the whole time. However, he saw me take it off and he was able to do it himself the next time in the store. So, I tried the monkey grip ring that time and he held on it for most of  the trip. The third time, I used it with the ring and velcro strap and it worked about as well as the first time. He stayed next to me. Not sure if he's "trained" to not leave my side or if he couldn't get away, but either way, it was nice to get the trip done without having to chase him!

I was provided with a Gripsters Stay Along for review. No additional compensation was provided and I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you to Robin for allowing me to test the product, and for being patient since I took longer than normal to get the review done.

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