Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Changes

Well, it's another year and I still feel new to the coupon and savings game. I'm starting a tracker on the right hand side of the blog to add up my savings throughout this year. I'll use retail value on free books and will include savings (if possible) from sale prices on items.

I totaled up everything from product tests and book reviews and giveaway wins from 2010 and it was almost $3000! Enough that my tax guy suggested I keep a count just in case it looks like income! I also had an abundant Christmas, mostly bought through gift cards and cash earned online!

I promise that this year I will do more to show you how I'm saving and to pass along the deals as I find them. I promise this year to help you have the success I had this past year.

SO, from our family to yours: Happy New Year and Happy Saving!

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