Monday, January 31, 2011

Month One Savings

I can't believe how great my total is for the month! Just to clarify, these savings are just from coupons and free product received in the mail.

Wal Mart - $34.07

CVS - $90.61

Walgreens - $10.13

HEB - $6.94

Kroger - $38.84

Online/Other - $41.04 (This was using a 20% off diaper code on top of the 30% subscribe and save. Also included savings from Toys R Us by using rewards money earned from Christmas shopping.)

FREE Book Value - $51.97

FREE Product Value - $0

TOTAL: $273.33
Online Survey Earnings: $120.10
(Only includes account amounts earned in cash, point accounts not included until they are cashed out. Added Baby Center panel and made $3 on one survey!)


Thankfully Thrifty said...

NICE!! I love it!
Okay please post on how you earn so much with surveys!! (And let me know when you do - I'm about to be a little MIA with the baby, so I might need a heads up!) I would love to know how much time you spend doing it and which ones you belong too, etc. I just belong to PineCone. There are a couple others I've signed up for but haven't gotten into just yet.
Thanks for linking up!

cait said...

Great savings!! So glad you linked up! :)