Monday, February 28, 2011

Month Two Totals

This is how much I saved in February with coupons and free stuff:

Wal Mart - $19.10

CVS - $34.29

Walgreens - $0 (didn't step into store once!)

HEB - $0 (didn't shop there)

Kroger - $0 (didn't shop there either!)

Online/Other - $41.68 (This was using a 20% off diaper code on top of the 30% subscribe and save. Also includes savings from items on One Sale A Day site.)

FREE Book Value - $40.98

FREE Product Value - $66.98 (Party supplies from Coffee Mate, and something else I can't remember)

TOTAL: $203.30
Online Survey Earnings: $49.00
(Only includes account amounts earned in cash, point accounts not included until they are cashed out.)


cait said...

Nice savings! Thanks for linking up! :)

Thankfully Thrifty said...

I love that Amazon deal! So great! And what book did you get?
Nice savings! Thanks for linking up. :)

Amy said...

I know right! I have two more coupons sitting here waiting for the next diaper order!

Last month I received The Portable Pediatrician (giveaway ending soon!), Regret Free Parenting and We Be Big (not in the totals). I also received Paws & Tales DVD (giveaway ending soon) and a pack for Yoplait Delights from My Blog Spark (giveaway ending soon).