Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Review: So Long, Insecurity Leader's Guide

So Long, Insecurity Group Experience Leader's Guide
So Long, Insecurity Group Experience Leader Guide
By Beth Moore
Tyndale House, 2011
English, 128 pgs

Building upon the message of the bestselling book, So Long, Insecurity, the So Long, Insecurity Group Experience will be an important tool for small groups, Bible studies, and book clubs to use as they dig even deeper into what it means to be truly secure. Designed to bring women together in a community of support, the Group Experience provides an in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about image, society, relationships, and our innate longing for soul-deep security. The So Long, Insecurity Group Experience will take readers on a journey deep into God’s Word and encourage them to work through their struggles with insecurity together while growing in knowledge of the only One who can provide lasting security.

I want to preface this by saying that I have not read the book that this study is based on. I have been attending a women's study for a few years now and a few of the books we have used have been by Beth Moore. I've been floored by her in every way! She is an amazing speaker and writer and just has a way of getting into your hearts.

This study is intended to have 10 sessions. She has some really great tips in the front for the leader of the group. She even explains how to do the timing for the sessions. Most important is that she has tips on how to deal with the tone of the sessions. They get pretty deep and they're dealing with a sensitive topic for most people.

It would be prudent for anyone attending the study to have a copy of the book, as well as the participant guide. A lot of the sessions refer to the book and I can imagine it would be frustrating to not have it handy to see what she's discussing.

Each session has "A Word from Beth" for the leader to read out loud to the participants. Then you dig in! There are lots of group discussion questions and lots of "look it up" questions referring to Scriptures. Then, of course, it's Beth Moore, so there is a homework section too!

I'm really hoping this will be what we use for our Fall study. I can't imagine a topic more relevant. It even goes along with some other books I've read recently.

I received a copy of the book for the purpose of a review. No additional compensation has been received and I was not required to write a positive review. 


Andrea from Raising Peanut said...

hi! i think i read your review on amazon as well. may i ask how you got to receive a free copy?

the book has been very helpful to me. i just blogged about it today actually, as well as countless other times.

but i'm interested in getting a free copy for review! :) as well, i'm interested in starting a group study, as you will be doing.

i am so new to christianity at this point. i grew up christian, but just starting to believe in jesus.

if you could PLEASE pray for me, as i am going thru such difficult times, that would be wonderful.

i hope we can stay in touch and i hope to read more in your blog. i also hope i get to hear how your study is / will be going! :)

hugs, andrea

Amy said...

Tyndale House (Beth's publisher) has a blogger review program.

You can apply here: