Saturday, July 16, 2011

Women of Faith

I'm so excited to be picked as a blogger for the upcoming Over the Top Women of Faith Conference in Dallas! I have wanted to attend a WoF event for years and just haven't been able to find time or money to go.

Check out this line up:
I'm so excited to hear Lisa Welchel speak. I love her Creative Correction book, and of course, loved her on Facts of Life! Patsy and Marilyn are so funny I can't wait to hear them. I don't really know anything about Brenda Warner but I bet she's going to be great! And Sandi Patty...who doesn't love her?

The music is going to be spectacular:
I loved Mandisa on American Idol and I've been listening to Amy Grant since I was in high school!

I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait!

There are still tickets available HERE and the closer hotel rooms are going fast! To see a list of events to find one in your area, check HERE.

I received two tickets to the event in Dallas from Women of Faith. I will be blogging about the event from now until I get home from it! All opinions will be my own.

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