Monday, August 8, 2011

Kroger Trip! Woot!

I finally was able to remember to take a picture when I have a great trip!

Transaction #1 (thank you hubby!):
Paid $1.38
Saved $10.36 (89%)

All of it was free with the exception of one deodorant. was regular priced at $ you do the math there!

Transaction #2
Paid: 23.89
Saved: $81.86 (77%)

All that Ivory soap, toothpaste, floss, the rice and two of the packs of pens were 100% FREE! Actually, I was paid 13 cents to buy the rice and 5 cents on each of the floss! That Emergen-C was about 60% off in the clearance because of a crushed edge! Just in time for cold/flu season! Almost bought all three, but that added to the total would have made me croak!

The Dial soaps were 19 cents each after coupon. The jelly was 93 cents each after coupon (hope it lasts more than two months!) and the wipe packs were 99 cents each after coupon. OH, the yogurts were 88 cents after coupon and the cinnamon rolls were 25 cents after coupon! The deodorants ended up being 89 cents after coupon (and the hubby is set for a while!) The protein bars ended up being 66 cents each (and good for a quick lunch!).

The only thing not really cheap was the butter, which I needed anyway, the sandwich crackers, which my sons eat like they're candy, and the Fiber One bars, which I eat like candy!

All in all, what a great trip!

Now lest you think I'm a hoarder, all the free toothpaste, floss and soap are going to be on the way to Mission Centers of Houston. Our GA group at church picked them to "adopt" for a month and these are at the top of the list of things they need. I'll be pulling out of my stockpile for other items too!

The blue pens are going into the school supply collection box at school (the red stay home...for grading homeschool!).

So, you been Krogerin' lately????

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