Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Review: The Red Sea Rules

The Red Sea Rules
By Robert J. Morgan
Thomas Nelson, 2014
English, 160 pgs

Just as Moses and the Israelites found themselves caught between "the devil and the deep Red Sea," so are we sometimes overwhelmed by life's problems. But God delivered the Israelites, and He will deliver us too.

The Red Sea Rules reveals, even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations, God's promise to make a way for us. His loving guidance will protect us through danger, illness, marital strife, financial problems - whatever challenges Satan places in our path.

Using the Israelites' story as an example, Robert Morgan offers ten sound strategies for moving from fear to faith. Among them: Realize that God means for you to be where you are. Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on the Lord. Pray.

Life is hard. It is certain that we will face difficulties, and that God will allow them, as He allowed the Israelites to become trapped between Pharaoh's rushing armies and the uncrossable Red Sea. But just as certain is the fact that the same God who led us in will lead us out. As The Red Sea Rules makes clear, He is in control.

Updated edition with new study questions accompanying each chapter.

I requested this book to review because we have dear family friends who are facing a brain tumor in a young child. It's a seemingly hopeless situation, yet they're keeping their eyes on God and choosing to praise Him in the midst of the trial they're facing. We don't know why they're struggling with this but we do know that they're not alone.

The 10 rules are nothing that will magically make things better, but they do help you find perspective and give examples from the Bible that illustrate the truth they state. Each rule has a couple of days of devotional length sections. There are a total of 24 of these sections in the book, including the Preface. Each rule chapter has study questions at the end and it states that there is an additional study guide available to accompany your study.

This is good. It helps you to remember that even in the midst of what you may think is your darkest hour, keep your eyes on God, trust Him for the next step, pray and trust Him to be in control. His ways are not our ways and we may not always understand what He puts before us. Sometimes a test is just a test. Sometimes it's to strengthen our faith. It's all up to Him

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