Thursday, October 8, 2009

CVS Trip 10/8/09

Needed to run to get a gift for my "Secret Sister" at church, so I figured up a good trip! I didn't take a picture so no secrets are given away!

Tylenol Extra Strength, Reg $9.99, OS $8.50, Used $1/1 Coupon
Tylenol Cold Day Time, Reg $7.49, OS $6.00, Used $3/2 Coupon (with item below)
Tylenol Cold Night Time, Reg $6.69, OS $6.00, Used $3/2 Coupon (with above item)
My gift for my sister, Reg. $4.99
2 Packs Dentyne, Reg. $1.29, Used BOGO coupon

EB Used: $7 quarterly reward, $5/$25 Flu Quiz reward

Oh, the Dentyne is at the front of the store in a twin pack (packaged as BOGO) and you can use the BOGO coupon on it! We got 4 single packs for $1.29. Now my husband's gum habit has been supplied! (and I have another coupon to use for it!)

Total Spent: $10.01
Total Saved: $21.96

EB Received: $10 for purchasing Johnson and Johnson, $3/$15, $2 off Huggies Little Swimmers (really, in October???), $2 off Huggies Wipes, $2 off Poise Pads, $1.50 off Aquafresh toothpaste
(Total EB received: $20.50)

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kgeverett said...

Thanks for the softsoap sample! It smells great. Just thought I'd comment... I read your blog every day, just hardly say anything... keep it up, lots of us are enjoying it!