Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I'm willing to drive 30 miles to Kroger

I got everything you see, plus one early edition of the paper (couldn't fit it on table!) for $53.98 with a total savings (coupons, bonus coupons, Kroger sale prices) of $117.07.

If I had been paying attention in the store(I tell you, there are some mean older people who shop at my Kroger!), I would have seen that I only had 37 Mega items. Only 3 more Propels or tunas at $0.50 each and I would have saved another $5. Oh well, I'm not at all upset with how I did on this trip! Especially considering the diapers alone cost $11.78 of the total! And this is almost all the groceries for all of November! All I need is produce and meat and a few other items I can get cheaper at Wal Mart.

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Coupon Teacher said...

I wish I had a Kroger, the closest is over an hour away!