Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm just sayin...

I'm mad at the new Walgreens guy. All my lady checkers do my coupons right. This guy couldn't get my Aussie $1 off coupon to scan and proceeded to tell me that I had to buy one of the products in the picture. He also said "this is for PG Brand Saver Brand"...WRONG! (Dealing with the manager is worse than paying $1 more than I wanted...)

I'm also mad at my Wal Mart checker today. My $3 Chef's Requested coupon wouldn't scan so he typed it in. Then I get home and realize he only put it in for $1. My trip would have been less than $10!

What do you do when you realize a coupon wasn't scanned/entered correctly.

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Mellisa Rock said...

I love the I'm just sayin'!!

I would take the receipt back in the next time that I was there-- I did this once when I realized that a $10 aveeno coupon didn't scan...they gave me no grief.