Friday, January 15, 2010


I few days ago I read on Hey It's Free about a program called RecycleBank. If you sign up, your account will be credited with 100 points. That’s enough to immediately cash out for a prize!

I cashed out my registration points for 5 $1 off any Coke product. These will come in handy!

THEN...I read about Kashless, which is similar to Freecycle. The cool thing about it is that you can save a search for the items you want/need. I did lots of baby gear searches since I'm refusing to pay full price for a stroller for Baby C. Here's the best part, every time you save a search, you get points (up to 300 per week) that you can redeem at RecycleBank!!!!

I redeemed for 3 magazine subscriptions for free and still have points left over! You will find some great prizes! I've seen FREE Seventh Generation products, iTunes cards and in the Boutique, there are some awesome prizes worth saving up for!

Okay, I've received several anonymous comments (which I do not post, as a rule. If you're going to gripe at me, at least leave a name or something so I can respond.) about my post.

Yes, RecycleBank is for doing good for the environment. However, the town in which I live does NOTHING as far as recycling, so I can't get points for recycling.

When I have electronics to recycle I will. Just gave two tvs away with Freecycle a few months ago and I've sent several cell phones in for a charity which I support to recycle. I'm not going to send them anywhere else. The other cause is too dear to me.

And I will not sign up for and use a credit card for points.

Kashless is what I have chosen to use for my "green" efforts. I've actually been looking for things I need and for things to post. So what if I get a reward for it.

Do not yell at me in comments. Don't jump to conclusions about me based on something I post. And I will never post comments with curse words. That was rude and uncalled for in any circumstance.


jamielz said...

Sorry you are getting negative comments. I am grateful for the info you posted!

Thankfully Thrifty said...

Oh sad! Sorry about the gripes. I signed up too and I am doing Kashless also! It's great. And Kashless is a great cause. Instead of throwing things away, let someone else give them a new life. I watched a friend move and throw away half of her house. It killed me. Could have done so much good. So I think Kashless is great!
And I got great prizes too! I used my points for Seventh Gen dish soap and all-purpose cleaner and I got Green Works wipes! I am so excited for the mail next week!!
By the way I'm in Dallas so I'm sure I could get recycling points here, esp since I recycle a ton, but I cannot figure out how to get my points for recycling on RecycleBank! :(