Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Review: Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God

Trust. A simple concept, yet hard to master. What does it look like to truly trust? Do you trust God to control the circumstances of your life? Do you trust Him to direct your path. It’s easy to give the “church answer”, yes, but what does it look like in reality?

In this book, Sheila Walsh tackles the difficult, yet gloriously important, topic of trust. Through personal stories and Biblical characters the concept of trust is studied from several different angles. Quiet trust, brokenness, boldly following.

This book meant a lot to me. I cried as I saw myself in the pages. I realized my short comings with trust and have begun to work toward building the trust I desire.

The copy I read had a study guide in the back. Make sure you get this version. As I was first reading, I didn’t flip back to the questions after each chapter and I was feeling that the book was mostly biographical and not topical enough. After studying the questions which go with each chapter, it was much more personal to me and my situations.

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