Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mail Box Round Up

Here's what came in the mail last week:

Magazines (all free):
Colorado Tourism Booklet
Business Week
Marie Claire (RecycleBank reward)
Golf Digest
Muscle and Fitness
Working Mother
Travel and Leisure
Harper's Bazaar (RecycleBank reward)
Town and Country
Weight Watchers

Breathe Right
Caress Body Wash
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

P&G Brand Saver coupons - two booklets!
Conagra coupon booklet
Caress Body Wash
Breathe Right
Free Kashi - 2 - RecycleBank reward
Free Dish Soap - RecycleBank reward
Enfamil $3 formula check
Good Start $1 and $11 (already spent) formula checks

Giveaway Win:
Fiber Gummies from Coupon Clippin Mommy

Survey Check:
$5 from Mindfield

Other goodies:
Shushybye book and CD to review and give away! (Look for it to start Wednesday)
Small notebook thing from my alma mater for joining alumni association (great for shopping lists!)

How did you do?

Proud to be part of Mailbox Monday on A Frugal Friend. Debra is awesome for hosting this weekly. Stop by and see what others have been getting in the mail!


Maria Lopez said...

you had a great week. lots of reading materials heheeh

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Wow! Your mailbox must be just chock full every day!

Happy Mailbox Monday!

tds said... are you ever going to read all those magazines?!? Happy Mailbox Monday!

Katie said...

That's tons of magazines! Happy Mailbox Monday!

Thankfully Thrifty said...

I may need to do the Kashi deal!
Thanks for the links!

Laura's Leaner Life said...

That's a lot of magazines! What a great week for you. I need to go see what else I can get on Recycle Bank!

Post Grad said...

You racked up this week. Lotsa magazines. Those are always fun!

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Love your week Amy! :-)

Happy Mailbox Monday!

Mellisa Rock said...

Hey!! I totally counted those magazine's!! 14!! When will you ever find the time to read them!! I am having a hard time with this myself.

Great week!! Happy Mailbox Monday!!

Amy said...

I just divide the magazines (mine and his) and add them to the bottom of the stack. I'll get to them all someday! I tear out recipes/coupons/ideas as I read then put the remainders in a box to be recycled eventually.

Chrissy said...

Wow you will be reading magazines for ever :-) I am doing the shushybye review and giveaway also... my little one just loves it.