Friday, March 12, 2010

Survey Sites Paid off Today!

After getting the email from Babies R Us, I did some quick checking and realized that the 20% off coupon was going to make a stroller extremely affordable So, the hubs and I took off at break-neck speed to the nearest store (an hour away!). I took all my Christmas cash and my coupon and bought a beautiful new stroller for the baby! Plus we got a few things that we needed for feeding (faster flow and better sippies) and a pack of Thomas the Train underwear (maybe he won't poo on Thomas...) and still came home with some cash!

I know, I'd told you I was saving Amazon credit for a stroller. So, why the change in plan? Well, 20% off of course! I was able to get a nicer stroller for less! Just in time for a vacation! I'll save up Amazon for Christmas (and New Moon). That account is up to $95 and I have $30 in pending codes. Plus, I figure it's a lot harder for me to spend that since I really have to think about it!

The best part? All this came from other people paying for my opinion and searching the net!

Click here to see my list of sites I've been using.

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