Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Shopping Results

So,  I decided to run out to take advantage of a few good sales. Here's how it went:

Pull-Ups (will he ever be potty trained...) OS $8.99
Oreo Cakesters 2@$0.99 each
Right Guard Deodorant 2@$2.79, BOGO
Nivea Lip Care 2@$2.99 ea

Coupons Used:
$1 Off Huggies from Wags Activity Book *can't find the new ones, thankfully I had one left...*
$4 off Nivea ($2 off each) from in-ad coupon
BOGO Nivea Lip Care (for $0.99 off, drat the new Wags coupon rules...)(from the newspaper)
$2 off 2 Right Guard Deodorants (from on right hand side and at top of page)
$2 off Huggies Pull Ups (from
$1 off 2 Nabisco cookies (from a mailer)

Total Spent: $9.33
Total Saved: $19.08


3 Rice a Roni, OS $1 each (reg $2.15)
4 VO5 Shampoo and conditioners, OS $0.77 each (reg $0.99)
1 Schick Quattro Refills, OS $8.99 (reg $10.99)
1 Softsoap Nutribead bath gel, $4.99

Coupons Used:
$1 off 3 Rice a Roni (from newspaper)
$1 off Softsoap (from CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine)
$1.50 Extra Bucks from last week
$4 off Quattro refills (from newspaper)
$4/$20 CVS coupon (printed from CRT machine...almost didn't stop to scan!!!)
$5 Extra Bucks from Advisory Panel survey

Total Spent: $3.87
Total Saved: $22.83
EB Received: $8 (from razors, soap and green bag tag)

Wal Mart
Didn't take photo, sorry...
Bought $40 worth of groceries for $20.01!
Used multiple BOGO and Free product coupons. Got enough food and stuff for probably two weeks! Also price matched from Kroger on a few items!

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