Sunday, April 4, 2010

CVS Trippin'

Thought I'd share my CVS trip from tonight:
We ran out of milk right at bedtime, so I made a quick look at the CVS ad and gathered a few coupons. Here's what I bought:
Milk, OS $2.89
Head and Shoulders (2) OS $4.99 each
Pantene (2) OS $2.99 each
Speed Stick (2) OS $3.49 each
Stride Gum (3) OS $0.99 each

Used Coupons:
$0.50 off Speed Stick
$1 off Speed Stick from Reinventing Beauty (for sale at CVS, only costs $0.99 and has lots of coupons!)
B2G1 Stride (took off regular price of $1.49)
$2 Extra Bucks from previous week (phew...almost let those expire!)
$3/2 Pantene coupon
$5/$25 CVS coupon (was in email this morning!)
BOGO Head and Shoulders (took off regular price of $5.99)
$6 Extra Bucks from previous week

Total Paid: $4.17
Total Saved: $33.78
Received $8.99 in Extra Bucks for next trip!

Note: The Pantene Natural Fusions (or whatever the new product is called) is included in the EB deal for the week. Use the $2 off coupon from Vocalpoint if you got that mailer and you will get the bottle for FREE after EB! I just noticed on my receipt that you can get up to three on the Speed Stick and the Pantene! I'll be going back tomorrow!!!

NOTE: The CVS in the Ville has Speed Stick on clearance for $1 if you have the Reinventing Beauty coupon! You don't get the EB, but you get free deodorant for your man!

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