Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mailbox Round Up

Here's what came in the mail last week (tried to get in one photo...):
Southern Living
Business Week
Golf Digest (kinda hidden)
American Baby
Voice of the Martyrs

Other Stuff:
Full Size Aveeno Lotion (what a great "sample")
Glade Prize pack giveaway win from Spend Less and Save More
Kashi Cereal sample
Huggies diaper sample (from Costco)
$2.50 off Pull Ups from CVS (whoo hoo! This is a store coupon, should be able to stack!)
Gerber baby food and formula coupons
2010 Women's Health Calendar
$10 prepaid Visa for accepting a 2 week survey from Lightspeed (will be paid $50 at close!)
Jovan perfume sample
Guide for feeding baby from Gerber
$3 Pinecone surveys check
$10 check from Ipsos
True Lemon/Lime/Orange samples with coupon (made really good lemonade!)
Full Size products to test for All You (can't tell you...but I LOVE them!)
Nursery water reusable shopping bag
Sample of Downy softener
Bruder DVD about trucks or something (need to watch it before the kiddo...)

So, how did you do?
Glad to be a part of Mailbox Mondays at A Frugal Friend!


Maria Lopez said...

Pinecone seems to be popular amongs MM! lol

yey for money!

Happy MM!

Traci said...

You came up w/ a lot of cash this week...awesome! Let us know how you like the truck DVD--I haven't requested one yet.

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Awesome Week! A full size Aveeno....that is a great free sample...I'm impressed!

Happy Mailbox Monday....and I can see you've been busy with surveys. I'm trying to sneak more in too! :-)

Mellisa Rock said...

I missed out on the Aveeno sample - tried to request on my iphone but it wouldn't go through -and when I finally got home - all gone. I thought - hey think of all the free lotion you got with coupons and I felt better! LOL

Have a great week!

Celeste Havis said...

Amy Lyn, how do you avoid sites that turn out to be malicious? I'm always scared to click on unknown sites (and especially now that my computer was slammed with a virus that will result in it having to be rebuilt!). I'm just so leery...

Love you!

Amy said...

I've just been lucky I guess. I don't post ANYTHING that I haven't tried out myself first. There are a lot of things I find that I do not post just because I'm not sure about them.

I think having a Mac helps since there are so many security features in the operating system itself. Any site that asks for information you don't want to give out (SS#, CCard#) for freebies or coupons is junk. Leave it alone. I also don't give my totally correct info. Obviously, if I want a sample or coupon to actually arrive, I have to use my real address, but I don't use my real DOB or phone number (and a lot of the times, those are not to see what is actually required by each site) and I have a separate email address for when I have to input one. I check it about once a week just to make sure there aren't any confirmations that I need to click to get the sample or whatever.

I also have a separate email for my survey sites. That way only survey invites come to that address. I never miss one that way. Any site that requires you to pay to do surveys is junk too. You should never have to pay to do them! I'm working on a post with the sites I use since I've made quite a bit this year on them.

Good question, hope my answer helps.

Leandrea said...

Nice week! I love my Mac too. It makes my life so easy