Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making Money Online

I've had a lot of people ask what I'm doing for the Amazon credits and Christmas cash. Well, lots. Mainly reading emails from some sites and doing surveys. Here are what my totals look like for each place:

Synovate/Global Opinion Panels
I also have 3750 points accumulated toward my next payout. Cash out starts at 5000 points for $5. Paid by check. No points for referrals.

Lightspeed Panel
I have 25 points left after cashing out today. No points for referrals. Earn entries for "quick matches" and polls for sweepstakes entries for a $5000 prize.

Cash out at $5. Receive $1 for sign ups after they have completed their first survey. Have completed a 3 month study with them for big bucks. Paid by check. Holds monthly sweepstakes and drawings. (Current is for iPhone or AppleTV. Get entries for different actions.)

InBox Dollars
Cash out at $30. Have received one $40 check in past. Referral rewards are awarded as 10% of qualified earnings of your referral. I can email you an invitation or you can click on button on right hand side of page.

Mommytalk Surveys

Cash out at $25. Multiple options for rewards. Available surveys change daily. No referral rewards.


Typically cash out at 1500 points for $10 gift card. Card takes about 4 weeks to get through mail. Earn points by shopping, reading email, printing and using coupons. Referrals become part of your "network" and you earn 10% of their points. Plus, you get 25 points for the first 20, up to 500 points. I also earn points from BzzAgent. I can email you an invite.


Options for cashing out have changed! It used to be 1000 points for $10, but now you can pick from a catalog of rewards, similar to the ones from Lightspeed. Amazon $10 is 1100 points for example. You can also cash out through PayPal. Receive 150 points for qualified referrals. I can email you the invite. Holds monthly sweepstakes.

Opinion Outpost
Cash out at $5 or 50 points. Can get Amazon credit or have a checked mailed. Amazon is immediate, checks take a few weeks. Survey invites have been increasing! Referral rewards of 20 points ($2) after they complete their first survey.

Reward Port Surveys

Cash out at $25. Multiple options for rewards. Available surveys change daily. No referral rewards.

Valued Opinions
Cash out at $20. I think there were multiple options. I took Amazon credit. You can see some are pretty high paying surveys! No referral rewards.


Earn through searching, shopping, special offers, trading in electronics. Prizes are varied from $5 Amazon codes to a Nintendo Wii. Earn points from referrals. Matching Swag Bucks are only awarded on Swag Bucks won through online search. Earn up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks per friend.

There have also been random sites that haven't been so great, but still sometimes pay.
These include:
YouData - I've earned $5.33 since October. Receive a $0.01 referral bonus for the first 100 referrals...whoo hoo!, they pay out regularly though. Every Friday through PayPal. I very rarely get ad invites.
Daily Survey Panel - Since November I have earned $20 in Amazon credits. You can complete a survey from a set of 4 panels daily (one each) so this one can add up quickly. You receive emails daily from them. I've backed off on this one simply because I'm a little tired of surveys. Referral rewards are ample: For every single friend you refer you will receive 200 points for every month that they are an active in our panel. As long as your friend keeps actively participating every month, your account will be credited every month. I currently have 590 points toward my next credit. Cash out is at 1000 points for $5.
American Consumer Opinion - I've earned $8 so far. I rarely qualify for their surveys. Cash out is $10.

So, that's it. All told, I spend about 2 hours a day with the different sites. Most sites email survey invites so I just go down the emails! Most are click on emails for points.

I added up today and if I'd saved all my Amazon credits I'd be over $200 in my account.

I've used cash to pay for a stroller. A nice one.

I've bought books and movies for free from Amazon.

I have $21 in cash toward Ry's birthday saved up and I have gift cards for family and friends for gifts.

Not too shabby if I say so myself.

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boysmom3 said...

Thanks, Amy, I will sign up for some of this under you. It might take me a few days, but I'll get it done :)