Friday, May 7, 2010

Divanomics Book Review

Divanomics: How to Still Be Fabulous When You're Broke
Divanomics: How to Still Be Fabulous When You're Broke
By Michelle McKinney Hammond
Published by Tyndale House Publishers, 2010
272 pages, English

Book Description:
Once upon a time, Michelle McKinney Hammond’s lifestyle centered around the finer things in life—designer clothes, five-star restaurants, and bag after bag of high-end nonessentials. Then one day, like many people, Michelle awoke to find herself on the losing end of a most unwelcome and unexpected financial downturn. In response, she quickly went from “spoiled” to “fabulously frugal,” and with courage and a sense of humor, she made the necessary adjustments in her life.
Now, Hammond, a self-proclaimed DIVA (Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude), shares what she learned about her own spending, desires, and needs and how she adjusted to life during an unpredictable economy. Divanomics is filled with money-saving tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, entertaining, diet, housing, and more.

I was hoping for something new. I've been living frugally for a while now and wanted to see if there was something else I'm missing. I've heard it all before. Pay off the highest interest rate first. Shop with coupons. Take unwanted clothes to the consignment shop. So as far as lessons, I didn't learn anything new.
Now, as for a good "how-I-messed-up-and-what-I'm-doing-to-fix-it" story, this was a great read. It's honest and open and I don't really see that a lot from "stars". She isn't afraid to tell the readers how she got into a jam. She owns her circumstance and is sharing what she has been going through for those who haven't realized they're broke yet. I like that the chapters are short and that she focuses on a relationship with God and the importance of friends and family.
In short, it's a good read, but more for the personal side, than the finance side. If you know someone who is fabulous and doesn't realize they're broke, this would be a good suggestion for them.

I was provided with a copy of the book  from the publisher. I received no compensation and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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