Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to my world

I just learned a lot of truths about having two children:

1. The 3 year old you're trying to potty train (for a year...) will tell you he has to poop right as you start to feed the 7 month old.

2. You will think your 7 month old will be "just fine" in the high chair for "just a second" playing with his bottle while you take the 3 year old to the potty.

3. Your 3 year old will not poop. At least not in the potty. He will go when you aren't right with him and put on a pull up and come tell you to change him about an hour later.

4. Your 7 month old will get ahold of the bowl you left on the high chair tray because you were so excited at the prospect of the 3 year old pooping in the potty.

5. You will be cleaning oatmeal and peaches out of your child's hair, nose, ears and off of every surface within reach for hours. And then you'll find more later after you've thought you had it all.

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