Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review: Angry

Angry: A Novel
Angry: A Novel
By Laura L Smith
NavPress, 2010
English, 160 pgs
(Young Adult)

Emma is angry. She’s angry at her siblings, who she always has to baby sit; her parents, who are divorcing and ruining her life in the process; and herself for not measuring up to anyone’s standards.

With her simmering feelings ready to spill over at any time, Emma's self-worth plummets. Her faith in God is tested in the face of overwhelming hurt that threatens to send her over the edge. Can she turn back in time?

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This is marketed as Young Adult. I recommend parents read it first before handing it to their teen. I'm sure (geez, it's been a long time...) the teenage years are harder now than they were "way back when",  and I'm sure Emma doesn't feel anything a "normal" teenager wouldn't feel given all she goes through. However, I'm not convinced this story does a good job of showing that Emma "turns to God". She argues with Him and basically doesn't think He's caring for her until she gets a part in a play she loves. I'm not even sure what the author's intent is in the book. It's ended abruptly and gives a lives-happily-ever-after feel in a relatively short amount of time to struggle. Emma is a typical self-centered teenager and is actually well written. I just wish the author would have gone into a salvation experience, a youth group, a worship service or something. She talks about "youth group" once and states that it wasn't the week to go. The youth group at my church meets twice a week. There is nothing in the story to suggest any reverence for family, marriage, sobriety or God. I'm quite disappointed.

I received a copy of the book from NavPress in exchange for a review. No additional compensation was received and all that was required was to be honest.

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