Saturday, November 20, 2010

Product Review: Ammo Books Toys for Kids

My boys are so active! I spend literally all day chasing one or both of them. Nap time is my "me" time...until the 4 year old comes walking in asking "is my nap over now momma?" (Which he's literally doing RIGHT NOW!)

I've been trying to make sure they are learning as we play and that isn't always easy with some of the toys we have. I was thrilled, therefore, to get to play with/test some toys from AMMO Books.

AMMO Books publishes exciting, one-of-a-kind visually charged books that always get noticed. We create "must-have" books with amazing design, thoughtful writing, and exquisite printing. We've built both an eclectic list and dedicated audience - one great book at a time!

What started as ideas in a notebook, has quickly grown into a wide scope of titles for adults and kids of all ages. In just a few years, we are proud that AMMO Books has developed a great following and a lot of loyal customers. We really love great books, and we want to bring the very best to your bookshelf!

I was sent the Patrick Hruby Memory Game and the Charley Harper Nesting Blocks for the boys.

I played the Memory Game with the 4 year old and he really seemed to enjoy it. 
The art work (unfortunately, face down in the picture) is really vibrant and pretty and we got to talk about the circus (he's never been) and what the things on the pictures were!

The star of our house right now though is the nesting/building blocks.

I had to separate them into 5 each because they were literally fighting over who got to play with them!

"Charley Harper’s whimsical and well-loved illustrations are featured here on this classic set of nesting blocks. The alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 are expressed with Charley’s colorful animal illustrations that wrap around the surface of each of the 10 nesting blocks. When completely stacked, the blocks stand almost 3 feet tall, and when they nest, they become a compact 6 x 6 x 6 inches square. These CHARLEY HARPER NESTING BLOCKS are interactive, decorative, and a great addition to the existing line of Charley Harper books and toys for kids. Perfect for brightening any nursery room!"

The 11 month old is having a blast trying to get them to go back into each other and the big boy is enjoying stacking them! I'm enjoying watching! Oh, and the colors and pictures on them are really great for the kids too.

They have a really creative catalog of books. Most of them would make great gifts for someone who is really into design or art. I personally want the Kelly Wearstler book HUE, she's just amazing at what she does! They also have really cool books by Todd Oldham, also amazing!

I received the mentioned products from AMMO Books in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation has been received and I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you to Sara from AMMO for choosing me to review your products. And my son really is bugging me during nap time right now.

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