Thursday, January 27, 2011

Survey Account Clarification

I've had a few emails asking about my survey account total on the right side. I got on today and checked all my accounts and here are my honest-to-goodness totals:

Opinion Outpost - $19.90

Mindfield - $3.00

Reward Port - $19.25

Mommy Talk - $1.45 (for now, have a list of surveys to work on...)

Synovate - $5 check just came (have enough to cash out for $10 in account)

PineCone - $6 (have two checks on the way for $3 each, will add them in when in hand)

American Consumer Opinion - $15

MyPoints - cashed out for $25 iTunes card, have 7094 pts saved up

SwagBucks - haven't cashed out this year, have 1694 pts (started year at 152!)

I also have accounts with MySurvey and Ipsos in which points are building up. I only count actual cash in the total on the page. When I cash out point accounts and have the money (or gift card) in hand, I'll add those in the total.

Oh! I have received $20 this year from Hasbro Communispace....

So there ya go. That's how I've been making money this year with surveys. I think only the Reward Port account had money in it at the beginning of the year.

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