Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review: 1000 Days

1000 Days
By Jonathan Falwell
Thomas Nelson, 2012
English, 240 pgs


An opportunity to meet Jesus Christ like never before.

Have you ever thought that when Jesus Christ came to earth more than two thousand years ago, he could have simply given us salvation-period!-and never done another single thing? Jesus Christ could have chosen to be born of a virgin, live for 33 years in relative obscurity, die on the cross, be buried, and rise from the dead three days later, and still give us the opportunity for salvation without doing any of the things we read about in the gospels.

Yet there was more.

For three years-roughly 1,000 days-Jesus served in public ministry while on earth. He didn't need to do this ministry, yet he did anyway, and that's the key for us. This intentionality implies that there is a lot of information in Scripture that we need to grapple with. We need to understand what Jesus said and did during his 1,000-day public ministry, so we can apply his teachings to our lives today.

What makes these 1000 days of Christ so vitally important?

Jesus' public ministry was to help us understand what true love is all about-both for God and for other people. When we love God and others first, the rest of life falls into place: our possessions, our ambitions, our hopes and our dreams. Jesus modeled everything he taught, and his invitation is to make his mission our mission too.

This is a great book for Christians who want to truly live their lives as Jesus showed us. There's not really any new, earth shattering insights, but a good reminder of who we are to be like in our daily lives. The chapters are not long, but they're packed with information and each ends with questions for self-reflection. There is also a more in-depth Bible Study section for each chapter at the end of the book, with directions and helps for group leaders.  I find it a little strange that a book of this magnitude has less than 20 notes cited for the whole book. That means the majority of the writing is from Scripture and the author's mind alone. Kinda strange now a days, but still great because it's fresh.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for a review. No additional compensation has been received and I was not required to write a positive review.

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