Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord

Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord
By Dave Stone
Thomas Nelson, 2012
English, 144 pgs

Practical life lessons, real-life stories, and Scriptural truths for being the family that glorifies God.  

Preaching is his gift, but Pastor Dave Stone's family is his passion and his life's blessing. Dave and Beth have been married 27 years and have raised three children, as well as shepherd the diverse families of their congregation. Raising faithful families is a key to the future of the church. Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord is the first of three books in the Faithful Family series where Dave applies his practical, conversational, and humorous approach to the challenge of building a strong spiritual foundation for the family. Some of the topics include: Authenticity, Discipline, Modeling Godly Principles, Sharing the Load, and more.

It's never too soon, or too late, to begin applying the tried and true wisdom this veteran of building strong families has to share.

 This is our number one goal for raising our children. More than learning to read or write, we want them to love the Lord. We spend time each day in Bible study, prayer and just modeling behaviors we want them to see and repeat. But as any parent, we question if we're doing "enough" to each them. This is the most important lesson we will ever teach them and it's the most important lesson they'll ever learn.

This book incorporates ideas that we have and that we haven't thought about in teaching this lesson. I've read almost every Christian based parenting book out there, I've solicited advice from other parents in our church, I've prayed for my children and I've looked at parenting websites.

The main point of the book is that you need to start from the top down...meaning you start with yourself and get the first things in place, then others will come into place as you work your way down. Get yourself and your life and your Christian walk well in place and then you can teach it to your children.

The book emphasizes prayer and give examples of how to pray for your children. It also gives tips on how to pray with your children. It talks about how to read the Bible with your children, making sure you're reading it yourself too. (This makes me think...I've been teaching my sons Bible stories, but few actual verses...hmmm...)

There is a great chapter about discipline and obedience. This has been our issue with the boys (5 and 2) lately so this one I spent a.l.o.t. of time reading and even passed it to my husband to read. Consistency and clear expectations make a lot of difference to little ones.

There are individual chapters for mothers and fathers and what their roles are in the lives of our children. I love the 6 gifts kids need from fathers. I've seen in our own house that the more time they get with Dad, the better they act in general. I can tell when the miss their daddy!

This is one of a series of books by Stone and I'm really looking forward to reading the implementing all of them into our lives.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for a review. No additional compensation has been received and I was not required to write a positive review.

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